Branding Hammers

We make:

  • Branding hammers for the logging, timber treatment & processing industry
  • Gas or electric-heated burn branders for timber and plastic products
  • Brass and stainless steel stamps for the meat processing industry
Micran 200 Burn Brander

The Micran 200 Burn Brander is a 240v electric brander designed to take our custom made brass or magnesium branding blocks. The unit will brand plastics, softwoods and leather. Branding blocks can be made with logos, special typestyles and graphics – making them handy for personalizing a range of products. The brander can also be mounted in a benchtop press for repetitive use in larger volume production.

Micran 100 Hot Ink Brander

  • Developed specifically for the meat industry S.E.C. approval number CS/317-2
  • For use on hot, chilled or frozen meat in conjunction with Micran thermosetting ink
  • Is electronically heated, controlled within the unit itself at the correct temperature to produce optimum results. It operates directly off 240V supply, preferably through a recognized earth leakage unit
  • Designed to be water resistant but not waterproof (do not immerse in liquids)
  • A suspension spring accessory (700mm long) is available to:
    1. locate the unit in a convenient working position
    2. reduce waste of ink from resting unit on the ink pad between applications
  • Stamps are attached to the hotplate with a centrally located stud
  • Spare parts are readily available from Micran Products

Micran Thermo-setting ink

  • Made strictly to CSIRO specifications from foodgrade ingredients & supplied in block form
  • Micran standard (red) general purpose ink suitable for chilled cuts and carcasses
  • Micran vacpac (red) suitable for all cuts being prepared for vacuum packaging
  • Micran methyl violet (purple) also suitable for all cuts being prepared for vacuum packaging

If you’re interested in receiving a quote for Branding Hammers, phone us on 07 3376 1611 to discuss your requirements.