Brass plaques are a great indoor option if you’re aiming for prestige or commemoration. They are commonly displayed on buildings to identify tenants or owners, and popular as academic and achievement awards.

If you’re looking for a durable outdoor or memorial option try our Bronze, Stainless Steel, or Ceramic Plaques.

Our photo-chemical engraving process allows us to achieve very fine detail – that is impossible with mechanical engraving. Photographs and logos can be etched accurately to reproduce a clear likeness of the original. Colour enamel can be added to text and logos, and black enamel to photos. (If you’re wanting colour photographs try our Ceramic Plaques.)

Our pricing is by size, meaning you can have unlimited text and artwork for no extra cost (provided we don’t have to create or significantly alter your artwork which incurs an extra fee).

If you’re interested in receiving a quote for Brass Plaques, phone us on 07 3376 1611 to discuss your requirements.