Memorial Plaques in Brisbane

Bronze is the most durable of our plaque options and is perfect for outdoors. With its attractive and prestigious appearance combined with long-life, it is very popular for memorials of all kinds. It is also commonly used in building and service commemorations, and for achievement and awards.

We make two kinds of Bronze Plaques. The first is etched and paintfilled with black enamel, and is costed by size (meaning you get text and artwork at no additional cost, provided we don’t have to create or significantly alter your artwork). The second has an etched background with raised gold text which incurs an extra fee.

Bronze plaques are made of brass finished with a chemically enhanced oxidation. Brass will tarnish naturally if left uncoated – our bronzing process creates the natural tarnish in a controlled situation. The end result is that the brass is “bronzed” evenly across the whole surface of the metal. A clear lacquer coating is then added for increased longevity.