Ceramic Plaques are unique as far as plaque options go, in that they can be full-colour, and photos can be closely matched to originals. In fact if you are wanting to have a colour photo on a plaque, a Ceramic is your best option – Metal Plaques can only recreate photos in grayscale shading or limited colour paintfill.

Additionally Ceramics are weatherproof and durable and can be used either indoors or outdoors. They are popularly ordered as photo gravestone memorials including pet memorials, building commemorations, feature walls of murals, and corporate graphics for floors or walls.

Ceramic Plaques come in standardised sizes ranging from 100 x 100 mm squares to 300 x 300 mm squares. We also make ovals (100 x 75 mm and 120 x 90 mm). Special shapes can be cut for an extra fee as long as they fit into the 300 x 300 mm square. Prices are usually based on size, so you can have whatever you like on your plaque for no extra cost.

Photo digital ceramic printing was established in our Brisbane factory in 2006. This patented process allows us to take a plain white tile or ceramic object and print onto it full-colour graphics and photographs. We then “fire” the ceramic in our special kiln, resulting in a ceramic plaque that is completely weatherproof. Because the colour is actual ceramic, the print becomes part of the tile!

If you’re interested in receiving a quote for a Ceramic Plaque, phone us on 07 3376 1611 to discuss your needs.