Pryor Punches

These best quality marking punches from stock are made from quality controlled Sheffield chromium tool steel. Hardened and tempered to precise limits, they give long life and maximum safety. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and made to BS5750/ISO9002 quality standards. They come packed in sets of letters A-Z and figures 0-9.

Pryor Type

Pryor Type is the simple solution for multi-character marking, using standard, off-the-shelf type and holders. They are available in 9 sizes for the standard sharp faced range, and in limited sizes of Ministress and Dotstress. You can also get them in high speed steel for particularly tough marking problems. They can be used in both hand and machine holders, and are manufactured to BS5750/ISO9002 quality standards.

Series 2000 Numberers

Series 2000 Numberers are suitable for machine-use, or for hand and hammer when fitted with the appropriate shank. Standard wheels have figures 0-9 (inclusive), but letter and symbol wheels can be supplied to special order. A blank station on each wheel also allows for a non marking position. Six wheel units are available from stock but various options can be supplied quickly. These offer a fast and simple charactered setting – ideal for random changing inscriptions and batch marking.

Series 2000 Percussion Presses

Series 2000 Percussion Presses have the advantage of being easy and safe to operate. They can be used anywhere in the factory, and because they are manually operated guarding is not legally required in most countries. Pryor Type, Marking Dies, Numberers and Automatic Numbering Heads can all be used in the Presses, which perform certain bending, fixing and forming operations.
*Air operated machines are also available, details on request.

Series Automatic Numbering Heads

Series Automatic Numbering Heads are ideal for consecutive serial numbering, with the inscription being indexed by hand, trip lever or pneumatic valve. They can be fitted with a variety of shanks to suit a range of marking machines. Standard ex-stock units have six wheels in any of seven character sizes, but other sizes and numbers of wheels can be quickly supplied. Tell-tale characters located at a convenient level indicate the figures in the marking position.

Machine Typeholders

Machine typeholders are also available as separate items to produce the best combination for your purpose.

Holder Bodies

Holder Bodies come with an M12 tapped hole in the back face to accept any one of the interchangeable shanks, thus suiting a wide variety of machines. The choice of slot sizes available accepts Pryor Type in the size range 1mm to 5mm (0.040 – 3/16″).
*When ordering select a shank from those listed below.

Holder Shanks

All shanks are M12 threaded to suit the above holder bodies, and include Series 2000 Numberers and Automatic Numbering Heads.


If you’re interested in receiving a quote for metal punches or type, phone us on 07 3376 1611 to discuss your needs.