Metal & Plastic Nameplates in Brisbane

Nameplates are commonly used by industry for identification, compliance, and rating purposes. We manufacture Nameplates in both metals and plastics.

Plates and Panels can be made in different types of metals, depending on the application. Anodized Aluminium, Etched Brass or Stainless Steel are popular, as are Stamped Steel compliance and rating plates for machinery, automotive, industrial, and electrical equipment.

Plastics technology has advanced to the point where the durability of some synthetic materials is almost as good as metal! We recommend and make plastic nameplates with strength and adhesion qualities suitable for automobile compliance, and aftermarket product rating and identification purposes. These plastic nameplates are laser engraved and can be cut to special shapes and sizes. Various colours are also available, depending on the product.

In 1984 we established a separate factory in Brisbane for manufacturing nameplates. It contains an anodizing plant, chemical etching machinery, and a variety of presses for stamping text and logos into metal. Order your Nameplates direct from the factory and save time and money.

If you’re interested in receiving a quote for Nameplates, phone us on 07 3376 1611 to discuss your needs.