Stainless Steel has an extremely long life and is weatherproof. Stainless Steel Plaques are popular for memorials, commemorations, and building dedications. Thanks to Stainless Steel’s excellent outdoor stability it is also the preferred option for architectural and streetscape etchings.

Stainless Steel has always been a challenge to engrave mechanically. However our photo-chemical process is perfect for this ultra durable metal.  We photochemically etch into the Stainless Steel and paintfill with black or colour enamel.

Pricing is by size so you can include as much black text and artwork as you like for no extra fee (provided we don’t have to create or significantly alter your artwork). Colour enamel costs per colour. We can also etch photographs in grayscale halftone (if you’re wanting colour photographs try our Ceramic Plaques).

If you’re interested in receiving a quote for Stainless Steel Plaques, phone us on 07 3376 1611 to discuss your requirements.