At Photograve, we run our own specialised anodising plant, enabling us to fulfill orders ranging from small batches to large-scale production. The combination of anodising and printing techniques results in durable, customisable, and professional-looking products that are suitable for various applications, including signage, awards, identification tags, and more.

Anodised Anodic printing onto aluminium is a specialised process used to create durable and visually appealing compliance and rating plates. This technique utilises an electrochemical process to create an anodic layer on the surface of the aluminium, then using the precision of screen printing designs are printed into the anodic layer using special inks, after this the aluminium is sealed to lock the prints inside. The result is a highly durable and visually stunning customised nameplate. The durability of the anodised print ensures that the designs remain clear and vibrant for an extended period, even in demanding environments.


Product List

  • Nameplates
  • Compliance plates
  • Rating plates
  • Cable Tags
  • Control Panels