Our tooling factory has a number of different machines capable of engraving, tagging, numbering or machining metal parts and dies.

Notary embossing presses, burn branding irons, metal stamps, hand punches and jewellery engraving are just some of what we make using the “engraving” method.

Industrial Engraving is commonly used to identify a product, part or possession. The art of tool and die making relies almost exclusively on some form of engraving process (which was revolutionised by the development of CNC and Laser machines). Specifically via Industrial engraving we manufacture notary and stationary embossers, metal punches, and sealing plier anvils.

Product List

  • Notary Embossers
  • Custom made brass dies, repair or replacement.
  • Metal Punches for Gold or Silver
  • CNC Engraving