CO2 laser engraving is a highly versatile and effective method for creating intricate designs on organic materials such as wood, acrylic, laminates, paper, plastic, stone, and textiles. The process involves using a CO2 laser to vaporize or melt the material’s surface, allowing for exceptional precision and the creation of fine details and small text. This engraving technique is ideal for applications requiring durability, as it can also anneal ceramic markings onto materials like stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, resulting in a contrasting black mark resistant to extreme UV exposure and weathering. With its wide range of customization possibilities, CO2 laser engraving finds applications in various industries, including signage, awards, personalised gifts, architectural models, and product branding, making it a popular choice for detailed and long-lasting marks on organic materials.

Product List

  • Traffolyte Tags, Nameplates, Labels and Signage
  • Acrylic or Timber Plaques and Awards
  • Laser Marking