Lasermax (Traffolyte) Products

Lasermax (Traffolyte) Labels, Tags & Signage

Plastics technology has advanced to the point where the durability of some synthetic materials is almost as good as metal! We recommend and make plastic nameplates with strength and adhesion qualities suitable for automobile compliance, and aftermarket product rating and identification purposes. These plastic nameplates are laser engraved and can be cut to special shapes and sizes. Various colours are also available, depending on the product.

Advantages and Uses:

LaserMax, often referred to as Traffolyte or Gravoply, is a popular material utilized in laser engraving processes. It is commonly chosen for creating detailed and durable markings on a wide range of items. Engraving with LaserMax offers exceptional clarity, durability, and customization options, making it suitable for various applications.

  • Durable Markings: LaserMax engraving results in durable markings that can withstand environmental factors, abrasion, and wear, ensuring longevity in various settings.


  • Contrast and Visibility: LaserMax offers excellent contrast when engraved, leading to clear and easily readable markings. This makes it highly suitable for signage, labeling, and identification purposes.


  • Precision and Detail: Laser engraving on LaserMax allows for intricate detailing, fine lines, and small text, providing a solution for applications that demand precise markings.


  • Chemical and UV Resistance: LaserMax material often exhibits resistance to chemicals and UV exposure, ensuring that engraved markings remain intact and legible over time.


  • Versatility: LaserMax can be used for a wide range of applications, from industrial labeling and control panels to personalized items and artistic creations.

Products that can be made using LaserMax (Traffolyte) Engraving:

  • Industrial Labels and Nameplates: LaserMax engraving is commonly employed to create industrial labels, equipment tags, control panels, and safety signs.


  • Electrical Panels: Engraving on LaserMax can produce labels for circuit breakers, switches, and other components on electrical panels.


  • Identification Tags: Durable identification tags for machinery, tools, and assets can be created through LaserMax engraving.


  • Safety Signs: Clear and long-lasting safety signs and labels can be manufactured using engraved LaserMax material, providing important instructions and warnings.


  • Control Panels: Engraved control panels for industrial machinery, electronic equipment, or appliances can be achieved using LaserMax material.


  • Instrument Panels: LaserMax can be used to engrave instrument panels for scientific equipment, medical devices, and aviation instruments, ensuring precision and durability.

In summary, engraving with LaserMax (Traffolyte) provides a versatile, durable, and precise method for creating a wide array of products. Its advantages of durability, contrast, and customisation make it a preferred choice for applications requiring clear and lasting markings, such as signage, labeling, identification, and artistic designs.

Laser Signs 700Px X 526Px



  • Rating Plates
  • Valve Tags
  • Compliance Plates
  • Control Panels
  • Asset Tags
  • Brand Identification
  • Dials & Scales
  • Instruction Panels
  • Certification Plates
  • Award Plaques

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