UV Printing

What is UV Printing? A UV inkjet printer is a versatile machine that goes beyond traditional paper printing. It utilises a UV light source to cure specially formulated inks on various substrates, making it possible to create stunning, durable, and high-resolution prints on a wide range of materials.

Why Choose UV Printing?

Diverse Material Compatibility: Our UV printers can work their magic on an extensive array of materials, including wood, plastic, acrylic, metal, leather, poster board, ceramic, and glass, among others.

Metal Printed Nameplates: With the use of adhesion promoters, we can print directly onto stainless steel and aluminium, allowing for cost effective and highly customisable identification products.

Plastic Tags & Labels: UV printers excel at printing onto plastic and acrylic, with strong adhesion properties to these materials it allows for durable and long lasting products to be created.

Custom Braille Signage: UV printing allows for the layering of inks to create raised braille signage.

Promotional Products: We can provided customised promotional items such as phone covers, key rings, or other products to schools, fundraisers, colleges, organisations, clubs and companies.

QR Codes & Barcodes: Our UV printers excel at printing high-resolution barcodes and QR codes. These are perfect for a variety of identification purposes.




  • Packaging
  • Identifiaction Plates
  • Signage and displays
  • Promotional products
  • Direct-to-substrate printing

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